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Tres leches



The sporadic India-dominant fusion comes in a hybrid form under the name Tres Leches by Top Dawg Seeds. It is currently one of the best sellers and is gaining a lot of popularity recently. Buy Litto Vape Now to get your hands on this fantastic strain. You can now easily buy vape online by Tres Dawg have come up with other such hybrids made from a fusion of two varieties, such as Stardawg, Dawg’s Waltz, and apart from these also Appalachia. It is a full gram of rechargeable vape that you can use for a very long time.

Tres Leches will please any vaping fanatic who loves such kinds of flavors. The Cookies and Cream flavor will feel sweet and fresh on every inhale; the koala to, on the other hand, is an evenly well-adjusted hybrid strain (50% India & 50% Sativa) that is created through a cross of another great flavor. It is one of the best disposable vapes in the market.

Named for its extremely delightful flavor, Koolato is very popular in people who use marijuana for medical reasons, for the reason that it has a full-bodied impact and gives a clean joyful high without any extreme aftereffects after inhaling. It can also help in appetite loss and fatigue. You can also check the Litto vape review of this product and see what our existing customers have to say about it.

It can provide up to 120 doses in one charge
• Sleek design with discrete labeling that makes it look appealing
• Pesticide and any harmful chemical-free
• It is completely solvent-free

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