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PAX 3 Vaporizer



This vaporizer is the up-to-the-minute model in the ongoing line of vaporizers by PAX. Soon after the launch of Pax 2, the company began upgrading it and bringing out the best possible results. This vaporizer is the latest and the best one yet. In fact, it gives an overall user-friendly experience to anyone who uses it. It comes with LED light indicators for various temperature settings, so you learn to use them quickly.
This vaporizer price can vary on different sites. The whole vape can be operated with just a single button that is placed on the front side of the body under the mouthpiece.

PAX 3 vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates, and it has four temperature settings. If you read the pax 3 vaporizer review, you will notice that most of the current users just love this vaporizer for the different temperature settings and convenience of use it offers. Its weight is around 90 to 93 grams, and the height is around 9.5 centimetres tall, which makes it easier to fit inside any pocket or hand. The design is discrete and sleek, plus it looks very chic. You can enjoy this amazing vaporizer anytime, anywhere, and it is just simply amazing in terms of its functionality, looks, battery life, and everything else.


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