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PAX 1 Vaporizer



PAX 1 Vaporizer

It is a portable vaporizer intended for a dried blend of herbs that can easily fit in hands and pockets. Although, the original version is still one of the favourites that people still prefer.
While many vaporizers in the market bid a varied range of temperature controls to choose from, Pax has made its controls really simple and offers only 3 temperature control options. It is best for people who like their vaporizers to be less complicated and easy to use. PAX 1 Vaporiser.

PAX 1 Vaporizer

Moving from one temperature to another is easy, pretty simple, and easy. Merely eliminate the mouthpiece by pulling it out and straight up. Once removed, you will be able to see a tiny button that would be glowing inside of the now bare area where the mouthpiece was located. As far as the pricing is concerned, due to the reason that it is a pretty old vaporizer, it will easily be available at a reduced price; simply search Pax 1 vaporizer for sale on Google.

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