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Litto Vape


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This pack is a cost-saving option for the price of two, and you get a pack of three. This three-pack bundle has vapes of Runtz, Gushers, and Betty white strains, and that too at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for Vapes in bulk, it will be a great decision to buy this pack of disposable vape.

The first vape in this bundle is the Runtz, which is an Indica-leaning strain made from a cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Numerous users have stated elevating yet calming effects and relishing tropical flavors after inhaling this bud that is bright green in color.

The second vape in this bundle, Gushers, is a, to some extent, Indica dominant hybrid strain that is made across of the classic Gelato X Triangle Kush marijuana strains. This strain is known for the delicious candy-like flavor, and Gushers focuses on flavors that feel very fruity and tropical while inhaling, and it is great for someone who loves such flavors.

The third vape in this bundle, Betty White, is an Indica/Sativa strain that comes from KillaTreez, and it can be grown indoors as well and needs a time period of around 63 plus days. Plus, it is a better gown in a greenhouse. We bring this amazing strain to you in a vape.

If you are searching to buy Vape Online, then you will not find a better deal than this. You can compare the Litto Vape price with other brands, and it is sure a good deal.

It can provide up to 120 doses in one charge
It is lab tested and safe to use

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