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Blue Dream



Blue Dream, by its roots, is hybrid marijuana that is a Sativa-dominant strain. It is made from the crossing of the Blueberry strain with Haze strain.
The blue dream strain gives you a balanced high escorted by cerebral stimulus along with a full-body relaxation for when your body is completely stressed and needs to calm down.
The Blue Dream strain has 18% THC, which makes it the ideal choice for any smoker. The beginners love it as much as regular expert consumers do. When we talk about its flavour, Blue Dream is said to taste a lot like berries that are very sweet, and its smell is also a lot similar to them. People who use marijuana for medical reasons can also choose this for rapid relief from any symptom that is related to severe pain anywhere in the body, despair, and nausea from any trigger.
According to people who grow it at home, this strain has a normal blossoming time period of around 67 days and the best technique to grow this strain is the Green Sea Method. Blue Dream initiated in CA and has since attained mythical status among all the other strains that come from the northwest coastline and has quickly developed as one of the strains that are most searched for over the internet. There are certain strains that are very similar to Blue Dream that are blue dream CBD, Double Dream, and many more such flavours.
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• Sleek design with discrete labelling that makes it look appealing
• It is lab tested and safe to use
• Pesticide and any harmful chemical-free
• It is completely solvent-free

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