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If you are constantly searching “Buy Litto carts” and all it shows are some old flavors, then you are surely missing out on the Strawberry Banana, at times also known as Strawnana in short, is an Indica cannabis strain that is made by DNA Genetics in along with help from serious seeds.

It is a genetic crossing between Crockett’s “Banana” Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of a gum-like bubble flavor. It comes with a very sweet and fruity flavor, and that is where it gets its name from. It is well-known for its high THC content as well as resin production. If you are looking to buy a strong vape, then your search for “How to buy Vape online” and “Where to buy Vape online” ends here.

You’ll be attentive and thrilled and will handle any mental issue at hand or continue on with debates with individuals that are around you. A strong high that comes with this is accompanied by a lifted state, keeping you in the same position you are in and numb as your mind goes higher and higher. The fragrance is very much similar and has some citrus scents to it. Strawnana buds come with the undertones of olive green and have some frosty shading to them. This beautiful strain is now available in a vape by us.

This unique Strawberry Banana blend produces content, peaceable effects that enhance creativity and awareness on sensory levels. It is better than any cbd Disposable Vape pen available in the market right now.

• It can provide up to 120 doses in one charge
• Sleek design with discrete labeling that makes it look appealing
• The THC content is 80+%
It is lab tested and safe to use
Pesticide and any harmful chemical-free
• It is completely solvent-free

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