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KandyPens Special K


KandyPens Special K Vaporizer is an easy-to-carry and transferrable vaporizer that not only looks decent but will give you extraordinary vaping pleasure. It is accompanied by a chic carrying case, and overall, it looks to come off like a pen. It is very light in terms of weight and very compact to move around within your pocket or hand throughout the day. It is certainly a very subtle vaporizer pen existing in the vape market currently. The cap camouflages the mouthpiece for an added coating of safekeeping so that you do not worry about unnecessary prying eyes. kandypens battery is temperature-controlled; apart from that, the mouthpiece is compact and very easy to use whenever you want to indulge in the vaping experience. It comes in two colours at present; out of them, the kandypens oura addition is always everyone’s favourite. kandypens special-k Amazon will surely prove to be your great choice when it comes to the sleek and discreet design, the long-lasting battery, and a carrying case that makes it moveable without hassle.
KandyPens Special K is user-friendly and offers a clean design. You are merely just required to unbolt its mouthpiece and fill the tank. It has an urbane technique of heating that will reserve the vital aromas, flavours over and above the properties of the oil quintessence. It features a temperature-controlled, which can prove to be very useful when you wish to change the temperatures at which you want the oil to be vaped. Its trio dissimilar temperatures can be distinguished easily as they are colour-coded, and you can alter them according to your preference. The devices required you to click it five times for it to turn on. The battery lasts long and can be plugged in for recharging anywhere you find a USB port, which makes it very easy to carry around without worrying that it will run out of charge soon. It is great for people who are a fan of kandypens crystal and love to smoke anytime they want to.
The pen is hard-wearing and can handle most of the damage that comes with regular use. It is extremely simple to use and also clean after a few uses. It is an extremely favoured vaporizer due to its shiny design. It is suitable even for beginners. The pen cap guarantees whole pleasure and adds the expediency of use. It comes with two oil tanks and also a carrying case which makes it very mobile and easy to use. You can take it out anywhere and use it, and this is possible due to the compact design it has and how comfortably it can fit anyone’s hands.
Features and Specifications:
Battery Specifications: Variable Voltage Battery: 3.2V (Red), 3.7V (Green) and 4.2V (Blue), 510 Threaded 650mAhBattery
• 1ML Refillable Oil/Liquid Tank
• Case Included
Comes with a USB charger


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