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KandyPens Crystal 2



The pen-style vaporizer comes with a powerful battery that has four diverse power settings.
The mouthpiece and atomizer are likewise offered separatel, but to get the pen that comes with the session mode and other features, you’ll have to buy the entire kit. Its height is around 4 inches or more, and the diameter is somewhere less than an inch, which makes it a very sleek design.
The coil not once comes in interaction with the material, but as an alternative, is moderately heated up from the quartz chamber. The design of the atomizer is such that it is pretty easy to learn and use.
To modify your voltage settings, press the button rapidly thrice and see the colour of the LED change To work the session mode, click the button twice quickly. The device will turn on, and then you can go on and take a hit. Buy Kandypens Crystal 2 right now if you want to have fun with this amazing vaporizer. It is very suitable for regular and beginner users as well.

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