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Arizer Solo 2



Arizer Solo 2

The first-ever Solo was made out to look like a tank, and so does the Arizer Solo 2. Although the similar looks continued to shine, the Solo ii looks more modern, high-tech, and urbane tank. And this has to do with the LED screen and the round and appealing user button in the centre. Particularly the LED screen gives it the looks of a high-end gadget. Add to this that it’s noticeably thinner than the original model by Arizer, which makes it easier to carry around. Anything more compact is always loved by people these days.
Now, if we look at the materials used, the external case is made from scrubbed aluminium, which looks attractive, feels first-class, and is one of the many reasons why this vaporizer is strong and durable.


Arizer Solo 2

The one thing to be kept in mind is that it is slightly bulky than other vaporizers in the market, but the battery life outshines and covers for even that. That is something that can be expected from s 3400mAh battery, a great battery life. If you are someone who is not bothered by its slightly big dimensions, then you should definitely go for it. It is great for people looking for something not so compact but powerful and valuable for money. The dark and strong colours available in this vape, like blue and black, give it a very modern look; it comes with two glass pipes, one straight and one that is bent over.

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